Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Am Thankful for.....

My sweet precious boys!! What would I do without these "mamas boys"'?? God has been so good to me! I could not ask for anything more.

Is this not the sweetest face you have ever seen?? Hayes is as wide open as they come but I love every minuete of it. He is growing so fast! I feel like I am missing so much with him because I am so busy with 2. How do you do it with 3??
Brice is a great big brother, well most of the time. He does have his moments but he is a preotector of Hayes and loves him very much. Hayes thinks that Brice has hung the moon and wants to do everything that Brice does!! I hope they will grow up to be best friends!
Gosh they look nothing alike!! Brice is his daddy made over and Hayes looks like me! At least I have something to show for that hard work of getting them here! :)

Brice has the pic in his room. He loves the saying on it. My prayer is that they will always love each other and protect each other. i try to tell Brice now that the world and friends will let you down but he and Hayes will always be there for each other!! Well that is my spill...what are you thankful for today??

Good talking to you,

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Kristen said...

sweet, sweet precious pictures! (and boys)