Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back from the dead!!

Well It has been a while since I last posted and it has been way crazy!! I have tried a couple of times to just post some pics but for some reason it would not let me. Do any of you bloggers ever have this trouble? I mean, seriously, it makes me soo mad when i take the time to click on them (which takes forever) and then it says it failed!! But, anyway, times are busy. I am working more this summer getting ready for the alltel/verizon merger that is taking place next week!! Which means some of our stores will stay alltel and some will become verizon. This should be lots of fun.. We went to the beach last week and had a blast. Took the boys to Shipwreck Island and I forgot how much I loved it. They had an AWESOME time. I tried to upload some pics but of course today would be one of the days it would not let me. Brice is enjoying being out for the summer!! He does not want to start 1st grade!! Hayes is just going with the flow. Always into something!! Hope this finds all of my "blogger" friends well!! I have missed you!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Most Precious Gift!!!

Last night was a very special night at our house! Brantley always puts the boys to bed and they say what their favorite/worst part of the day was, how many days till Spring, say their prayers and get their last min. boy talks out of the way. It is a really special time for them. Well last night Brice told Brantley that he wanted to be BAPTIZED so that he could ask Jesus into his heart! We attend a Christian preschool and he has the sweetest teachers ever! They have been talking in class lately about what it means to be saved and to be baptized. Brantley told him that he did not have to be baptized to be saved that he could just pray and ask God to come in to his heart and live! He said that they said the sweetest prayer together and then decided to tell our pastor so that he could be baptized. I know he is young but once he gets his mind on something he doesnt let it go away until it is done! Brantley was sooo proud of him. He could not wait to tell me. So this morning Brice came down and told me and said that he said it one more time once daddy left the room just to make sure Jesus heard him!! And he could not wait to tell his teachers...he even said that 2 of his little friends at school today wanted to ask Jesus into their hearts! Isnt that great?? I am so blessed to be able to send my child to a school where he can publicly confess his love for Jesus and be excited about it!! It has just melted my heart today! Isnt this why we have children anyway? To teach them to love the Lord and want to follow his plan? I pray for my boys daily for this but I know that the real test will come when they get older and can make decisions for their selves! Anyways so just wanted to share that great news with you!!
Hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Fun Weekend with a Little bit of Snow for LA!!

Brantley and I got to dress up this past weekend for Chrysalis Ball. Chrysalis is a home for girls here who are coming from a troubled home life or background a need a safe place to stay. The ball raises money to put back in the home for whatever the girls need!! We had lots of fun. I love to dress up even though we never get to do that anymore!!

Dont I have a HOT HUSBAND??? I mean, no kidding, he is still the best looking thing I have ever seen!! :) I am also attaching 2 pics from the little bit of snowfall that we got Sunday!! At least enough to go out and catch a few flurries with your tongue. This just made Brice even more ready to go snowskiing!!!
Hayes tried to run outside with Brice and Brantley so I had to grab some clothes quick to throw on him. He is not very patient. Isnt that sad you couldnt tell it was snowing even if you had a magnifying glass!!
It was great to have a little flurry but I am soooo ready for Spring!! I love spring clothes!!! Well that is all for now!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where did the time go??

Well hello to all of you bloggers out there! I know you think I am the biggest "slacker blogger" that is around. That's ok it wont hurt my feelings if you say is the truth!! We had an awesome Christmas and have been very busy since then! K5 really speeds up after the break so we have been reading, reading, reading, and learning new sight words!! Do you ever wonder who came up with the spelling of these words? I mean really, couldnt you just use the letter it sounded like instead of throwing up all for a curve???? brice says the word perfectly when he sounds it out! The problem is the letter sounds completely different. And when he gets frustrated and wants to know why it sounds that way what am I supposed to say??? i dont know either son!!! So that is a good question for you teachers out there!! Who started these sight words????
On to a better subject, Brice got a dirt bike for Christmas and has been having a blast riding it. We have a track not too far from our house that Brantley grew up racing dirt bikes at so we took him out there Saturday to watch a race and he was hooked. Brantley took the training wheels and governor off of it on Sunday and he is flying around everywhere wide open!! I am a nervous wreck! I now see my weekends spent watching Brice at a dirt bike track! And I am sure Hayes is not too far behind! Couldnt I have just one girl to go shopping with??? Here is a pic of my motorcross man before the training wheels were taken off? Doesnt he look cute in his gear?? At least he gets my style of matching even if it is on a dirt bike. :)

Here is a picture of Hayes on his new four wheeler!! He loves it and now stands up hoping he can go faster to catch up with Brice!

Doesnt he look like a big boy??
Well hope you all have a great day!!