Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Last Lecture

I am sure that some of you are familiar with Randy Pausch and the book he co-wrote titled "The Last Lecture". I have been fascinated with his story and have been following him along his "last days". I was saddened to hear that he had lost his battle last week to cancer. This week ABC had a special on him Monday and Tuesday night. It was showed clips from that now famous lecture and also from his first interview and an interview with his wife. Brantley watched this as well. I couldnt help but cry as I listened to his words and watch his wife as she spoke of her love for him. He often said "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we played the hand". I still think WOW what a postitive attitiude even in those final days. Then I thought I am sure my attitude would not be this way. It seems sometimes we get so caught up in "busy" things and being tired from just going, going, going that we forget what is really important. That night Brantley and I talked about how thankful we were for each other and how glad we were to have found each other!! And it reminded me today as I was writing this that I should make every effort everyday to tell him how much I love is so natural to hug and tell Brice and Hayes 100x each day that I love them but I dont do that with Brantley quite as much! :) Sometimes I think that would be harder knowing you are sick but think of all the wonderful things you could do and the things you could say and write to people...then I thought why dont we just do that everyday and live like that is it. Even though we may not have a serious illness the bible states that we are not promised tomorrow. So my new plan is to start living each day like it is my last!! Does Brantley know that he is my "soulmate"?? That I would have rather only had 8 short years with him than a lifetime with someone else?? Does he know that he "completes" me?? Brantley if you are reading this I do love you very much and enjoy everyday I get with you...I know my boys know this but do I constantly nag over the little things with them?? I want to do better with this...And to my friends who read this?? Do you know I would be lost without you?? As girls we do need each other and I wish that we got together more often...I do love you and do want to try to get together more. Arent you glad for friends that dont need to talk "all the time"? You can just pick up where you left off like you never skipped a beat!!

My challenge to you is to do the same....and if you havent picked up a copy of this book. Please do will change your life and make you appreciate the "little things". Hope I get some comments!!Have a great day...and make it count :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Day at the Library

Today I took Brice to the library for the first time. I know that sounds awful that I have waited this long but I have your "typical" boy who cares nothing about anything in the world besides playing outside. We eat every meal out there and he would literally never come inside if I would let him. I have been trying to gear him up for kindergarten and get him excited about learning to read!! It doesnt seem to be working though. Who has time for that?? He was pretty pumped about gettiing his own library card and I let him pick out 3 books to bring home for us to read. I still can't believe that he is going to be in Kindergarten. So, I am posting some cute pics of our first libary trip....

As you can tell he is very excited about taking a pic outside in the sun!!

Mama is so proud!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All Summer Long

As I write today I am listening to one of my favorite summer songs "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock. We have been to the lake a lot this summer since Hayes finally likes his life jacket. And Brice LOVES this song. Sunday, he and I went for a ride and this song came on the radio and he said "turn it loud mama" and then he proceeded to roll the window down. I turned the song up loud and rolled my window down as well. I looked back at him and he is just a singing along (I know bad mom right??). I laughed thinking he had it worries...just singing as loud as you could. He is growing so fast. He is so much like me when it comes to summer. It doesnt matter if it is 100 degrees or not he and I will have the windows down and jamming away. We can only get away with that when it is he and I. Everyone else is "too hot".
This has also become our new favorite song for the "Sweet Home Alabama" moves to 2nd place. We have big speakers on our boat and Brice loves to turn it real loud!! We still love Sweet Home Alabama too and if any of you have been to Lake Eufaula then you know that this is the fav there as well. Brice loves it when someone asks him to turn it louder. I hope that he doesnt need hearing aids in high school. :) I am posting some pics from the lake and tubing. We bought a 3 seater this year and Hayes loves sitting by himself. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Arent you glad to live in the south??

Monday, July 7, 2008

My journey Begins

Hello all!! Well my blog is finally up and going....Hilary did an awesome job setting up my blog for makes me not feel as bad about not keeping up with my scrapbooking as much!! :) I was so good about keeping up with Brice but when Hayes came along....let's just say I am still trying to pick the color of his album. I know, I know that is so bad but time just flies now...Anyways, I am getting with "the times". I thought I was pretty computer literate but I am still learning how to post pics, do a video, and add pics the easiest way. So if you have any good advice please send it my way.

We had a great 4th weekend. We went to the lake. We got a new tube and Brice loved it. He wears me out wanting to go so fast. My arms are sore today from holding on so tight. The faster the better for him. Hayes actually got on yesterday with Brice and Brantley and he did so good. I will post the pic of all 3 of them as soon as i learn how.....ha ha!!