Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sorry for the Long Delay but I missed you.......

Gosh it has been a crazy month!! I have been running with my head cut off. But I missed you guys! I am becoming addictive to reading your blogs but I have been out of commission alot lately! October was a busy month for us. We had our Disney Cruise and Brantley turned 30!! We had him a surprise party with some friends that helped and actually pulled off the surprise!! He had a great time and was very thankful.

Just a few pics from the cruise. If you havent been start planning one now!! Best trip ever and not as hectic as Disney. Plus you get to see all the characters all the time! So much fun. I cant wait to go back and take Hayes too.

The pic of the girls are my sisters and niece. We had so much fun at his party. I had cups made that said "his youth has flown an "Old Man" is he. Brantley is now the big 30!! He loved them and it will be a nice memory. Becky S husband Brad came and cooked ribs (brantley's fav) and we had a guy come and shuck oysters (another fav). He had an awesome cake with sparklers as his candles and cheesecake too!! Lots of fun. So the month has flown and it is already Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for so much but that will take another blog!! Great to see you again!!

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