Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where did the time go??

Well hello to all of you bloggers out there! I know you think I am the biggest "slacker blogger" that is around. That's ok it wont hurt my feelings if you say that....it is the truth!! We had an awesome Christmas and have been very busy since then! K5 really speeds up after the break so we have been reading, reading, reading, and learning new sight words!! Do you ever wonder who came up with the spelling of these words? I mean really, couldnt you just use the letter it sounded like instead of throwing up all for a curve???? brice says the word perfectly when he sounds it out! The problem is the letter sounds completely different. And when he gets frustrated and wants to know why it sounds that way what am I supposed to say??? i dont know either son!!! So that is a good question for you teachers out there!! Who started these sight words????
On to a better subject, Brice got a dirt bike for Christmas and has been having a blast riding it. We have a track not too far from our house that Brantley grew up racing dirt bikes at so we took him out there Saturday to watch a race and he was hooked. Brantley took the training wheels and governor off of it on Sunday and he is flying around everywhere wide open!! I am a nervous wreck! I now see my weekends spent watching Brice at a dirt bike track! And I am sure Hayes is not too far behind! Couldnt I have just one girl to go shopping with??? Here is a pic of my motorcross man before the training wheels were taken off? Doesnt he look cute in his gear?? At least he gets my style of matching even if it is on a dirt bike. :)

Here is a picture of Hayes on his new four wheeler!! He loves it and now stands up hoping he can go faster to catch up with Brice!

Doesnt he look like a big boy??
Well hope you all have a great day!!

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Tiffany said...

I've had so much fun reading your blog and getting up to date with your life! Your boys are precious... I love all the pics of them. You must be having so much fun. Probably a nervous wreck with all the mischief they can get into, but tons of fun! Oh, and by the way... YOU LOOK GREAT!