Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Fun Weekend with a Little bit of Snow for LA!!

Brantley and I got to dress up this past weekend for Chrysalis Ball. Chrysalis is a home for girls here who are coming from a troubled home life or background a need a safe place to stay. The ball raises money to put back in the home for whatever the girls need!! We had lots of fun. I love to dress up even though we never get to do that anymore!!

Dont I have a HOT HUSBAND??? I mean, no kidding, he is still the best looking thing I have ever seen!! :) I am also attaching 2 pics from the little bit of snowfall that we got Sunday!! At least enough to go out and catch a few flurries with your tongue. This just made Brice even more ready to go snowskiing!!!
Hayes tried to run outside with Brice and Brantley so I had to grab some clothes quick to throw on him. He is not very patient. Isnt that sad you couldnt tell it was snowing even if you had a magnifying glass!!
It was great to have a little flurry but I am soooo ready for Spring!! I love spring clothes!!! Well that is all for now!!

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